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Our Services

Medford Shoe Repair's specialty is, well, shoe repair! But our cobbler has seen it all, and it's almost hard to list all of his services. 

Basically, if you name it, we probably do it!

If you don't see the service you're looking for below, give us a call!

(781) 913-0275


Red Soles


Fashion Sole Replacements


Bring your dress shoes to the next level with designer grade soles! Available in Red or Nude Shades and Matte or Shiny textures. 


Nude Soles

Shoe Fitting, Stretching & Adjustments

We've all bought a pair of shoes only to realize the sizing is off or they simply rub us the wrong way. Wherever the discomfort may be, our cobbler can take some simple measurements and make custom adjustments so you can walk in comfort. 

Sole & Heel Replacement & Repair

It's never comfortable to walk on worn-down heels, or even worse, with soles holding onto the bottom of your shoe for dear life! When not even superglue will do the trick, or your heels need some TLC, a quick sole repair or replacement can put the pep back in your step. 

Zipper & Elastic

Repair & Replacement

Nothing is more frustrating than a rusted, finicky zipper or a ripped or overstretched elastic on your favorite accessory. But life is too short to sweat the small stuff! With a simple repair or replacement, we'll have everything working as if it were brand new in no time.

Leather Repair & Restoration

Our repairman knows leather inside out; from shoes, to purses, to luggage. Whether your boots have a scuff or tear, or your purse needs a strap replacement and re-boning, we've got your back. 

Shoe Cleaning

Sometimes no matter how hard we try to avoid mud, dust, and dirt, they still find a way to stick to footwear. When everyday wear and tear has your shoes looking dull, skip the toothbrush and baking soda and let us bring them back to life. 

Orthotic Shoe Making & Adjustment

Whether you have specific orthopedic needs, or simply struggle to find the right fit, we are committed to ensuring that the shoes you walk out of our shop in provide the support and comfort you need. Our cobbler specializes in orthopedic footwear, and is skilled in crafting and adjusting shoes to fit your individual measurements and needs. 


What Our Clients Say

Lina B. - Google Reviews

"I got an amazing pair of Steve Madden snake skin boots from my daughter for Christmas. Holy cow were they gorgeous! But then I put them on and oh no, my thighs unfortunately were a little too large for the boot. Off to Medford Shoe Repair I went where the father daughter duo, Greg and Karina went right to work. My measurements were submitted, consultation complete, and off I went knowing these boots were in the best of hands. It didn’t take long at all before my beloved boots were ready. I put them on in anticipation and they fit perfectly! Thank you Medford Shoe Repair! They know their stuff and they are the best!"

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