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Meet the father/daughter duo bringing their family tradition of shoe repair to Medford

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The cobbler of the team, Gregoriy, has been making and repairing shoes for over 38 years. He started learning the art at the young age of 16 as an apprentice in a small shoemaking shop in the heart of Baku, Azerbaijan. First learning the hardest of skills, making and repairing high heeled women's shoes, he went on to master every other shoe imaginable, including custom orthopedics. He is proud to uphold the age-old tradition of shoemaking and repair while bringing your well-loved shoes and leather accessories back to life. 

(781) 913-0275


Gregoriy's daughter, Karina, fills the administrative and marketing roles of the team. As a recent college graduate with degrees in Communication and Integrated Business & Humanities, she was excited to team up with her father and jump straight into the business world. Having managed her own small business as an exterior painter before becoming a co-owner of Medford Shoe Repair, she is herself a seasoned tradesman, and is excited to bring her family's love for quality craftsmanship to Medford

(617) 875-9360

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